KillerKrieg Mar 15, 2014 @ 9:40am
What are all the launch options, etc to make game run smoother?
Hello there. It would seem I am able to play any level except The Parish and levels like it without huge lag. However, on the Parish at a certain point, by the time the common start hitting the game becomes extremely choppy and I lag, so I am kind of a burden on everyone. I believe I have tweaked several things, every graphical setting I know of is on low, dual core rendering enabled, and I have entered several launch options including -lv and waterexpensive 0 and a few others like that (including the shadow option aswell.) What I am interested in now is, running the game for optimum speed, what is every single step I can take to make the game run faster? I believe my resolution is set at the lowest possible numner(not sure if that helps or hurts) and I believe it is 480 x 640 or something like that. Will running the game in a smaller window(I have been running it in fullscreen) help? What are all the possible launch options to get this game running smoother(If you could please put them in your post so I could copy and paste them that would be greatly appreciated.) If I am doing all I can do I will probably quit playing for a while; I don't want to be a burden on everyone if I am playing the game at the highest level.

Also, could the problem be my internet connection? On the bridge I have been told that my ping is "fine" or only "slightly above average" so I am not sure what to think.
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