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Microsoft Onenote 2014年3月14日下午10:30
Anyone really think L4d 2 will be coming to source 2.0
I do, and I found the concept art for the plantation level and it looks exactly like the *leaked* images. The link to it will be here http://mobyfrancke.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/036.jpg
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Stark Raven 2014年3月15日上午1:34 
Tell me. Do those screenshots show any element of gameplay? Note that the .50-cal is missing from both the concept art and "leaked" screenshots. I think that those screenshots are a technology demonstration using a pre-existing scene. Left 4 Dead 2: Source 2 is a possiblitiy, but I believe it is not likely to be coming out soon, if at all.
Ridoka Xinaru 2014年3月15日上午1:38 
Would rather see L4D3.
Microsoft Onenote 2014年3月15日上午5:16 
Maybe, Maybe we will just have to see what the future entails...
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