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GibbyGoesHard 13 март 2014 в 6:24 сутринта
Audio Problems
When ever I play left for dead with friends we go into a skype call. I plug in my turtle beaches and thier vices go through my headset. Unfortunatly so does the game volume and it over powers my friends voices. I set the volume in the L4D2 audio settings to " 4 Speakers" but it still goes through my headset. Does anyone know how to fix this or maybe a solution?
Thanks :)
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mwob 13 март 2014 в 10:16 сутринта 
just set the audio volume down for l4d2 in game or in windows
nosavy¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 13 март 2014 в 1:34 следобед 
Turn down in game volume and turn up skpe voice volume until you are satisfied. Snip snap done!
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