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Does Left 4 Dead 2 needs a sight on the guns?
Hello, my name is JaeYoung1202
When I played L4D2 it was fun but not there was no way to use the sights DERP
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I wouldn't think so. Most if not all Valve games don't have sights and you aim from the hip I've played DarkRP on Garrysmod and there were some mods that added CS:S weapons with sights and it was harder to shoot while aiming down the sights. Maybe in Source 2 they will include that feature.
L4D has an aiming reticule that helps you aim accurately. Being able to aim down the sights would be the exact same thing because youre still shooting your gun where the dot tells you to shoot, aren't you? Perhaps it gives peple the feeling of aiming more accurately. Follow your aiming reticule, and shoot where it is.

Anyone that seriously needs to be able to aim down the sight of the gun just to shoot it accurately is either just lazy or a COD fanboy/girl that cant see themselves handling a virtual gun any other way. Not every shooting game needs to share the exact same gun mechanics.
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The sniper rifles only have a scope. The other weapons don't, though a laser sight will increase accuracy.
I don't think it needs a sight. Plus, there is a workshop, so the sights for those might end up sucking in game if they had one.

I sometimes find it funny that I use the right click button to try to aim down the sights after not playing for a while. Then I have to try and remember some of the controls.
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