PussyDestroyer69 Mar 10 @ 3:13am
Need help!
So i subscribed a custom radial menu (i think its VXL vocalizer or radial menu everyone) and i dont like it so i unsubscribe it, since i unsubscribe that mod, everytime i press Z or X (default radial menu/vocalizer) it doesnt show up... how can i bring my default radial menu back? or is there any console to fix it? any helps or suggested would be highly appreciated! :]
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try reinstalling the game
[†]Munkee_King[†] Mar 10 @ 3:30am 
reverify your files man. i had same issue once, fixed my game. idk if it will work for you, just a idea.
Licksore Mar 10 @ 3:37am 
options > keyboard/mouse > edit keys, scroll down to communication I think? if I remember correctly there is Orders and FAQ in there and you just add them back to your x and z keys, or whatever you prefer.
arshan_2498 Mar 10 @ 3:38am 
any1 who cn share me left 4 dead game plz...
Vanilla™❥ Mar 10 @ 4:41am 
Try Restarting Steam.
Ghoul Mar 10 @ 4:56am 
options > keyboard/mouse > edit keys buttons > use defaults
geffest2000 Mar 10 @ 5:06am 
Try Restarting Steam
collar Mar 10 @ 6:53am 
игра по вкусу но слегка надоедает а так в целом норм игра
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