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Connor 2014年3月9日上午10:57
Is there lag???
Hey guys I just Want to know if this is a good Game to play on a laptop and if theres ANY lag?
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Pope Urban II 2014年3月9日上午11:15 
What KIND of laptop? Laptop could mean anything from a dinosaur that can barely launch Steam to something that could max heavily modded skyrim.
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia 2014年3月9日上午11:18 
Depends on your laptop. You can get Steam family sharing from a friend and give it a try before purchase.
Connor 2014年3月9日上午11:39 
it's a toshiba laptop do you need any specs?
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia 2014年3月9日上午11:39 
Connor 2014年3月9日上午11:42 
Processor AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.4 3.4
Determined by lowest subscore

Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB 5.2
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics 4.1
Gaming graphics 1459 MB Total available graphics memory 5.7
Primary hard disk 84GB Free (283GB Total) 5.9
Connor 2014年3月9日上午11:42 
If this isn't the specs you need then ask me what specs would be needed
Connor 2014年3月9日上午11:44 
I've already bought the game because i'm a huge fan of l4d2 but, it's downloading. and I just want to know if it'll lag to much .....
Art 2014年3月9日上午11:46 
u can play it just fine, dont worry, is not a heavy demanding game...
Connor 2014年3月9日上午11:47 
Thank you :) ... and btw once i start it up i'd like to know if anyone wants to play on a ported server? :)
Iron Wolf 2014年3月9日下午1:02 
Too bad you didn't pick it up around December, it was free then.
CHARGE_BLADE 2014年3月9日下午2:44 
This game rarely lags for me... and I have a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥computer. It runs better than TF2!
Connor 2014年3月9日下午2:46 
Thank you so much my friends it has about a hour left on the download :) can't wait
SnakeFist 2014年3月9日下午3:48 
引用自 AL YT TexanGamer/Trickster
Hey guys I just Want to know if this is a good Game to play on a laptop and if theres ANY lag?

It will only lag if your internet is sucky or if you join a server that is far away from you.
最后由 SnakeFist 编辑于; 2014年3月9日下午3:49
EvoSteven 2014年3月9日下午3:57 
I think he means FPS lag.

This game, being source engine driven, is really not that demanding. Virtually any laptop with a half decent graphics card can run it (even Intel HD 3000/4000, low settings but it runs great).

Have a go, enjoy the game. If you ever get bored, mods will light your way.
Connor 2014年3月9日下午4:05 
Thank you friend :D
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