Dizzy Mar 9 @ 7:57am
Sprays not showing.
People can't see my sprays and I can't see theirs. I can see my own. Custom server content is on, file format is .bmp, 256 x 256. I would really like a fix for this, it used to work on my old computer just fine.
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|x|Sirius|x| Mar 9 @ 8:00am 
Hmm, when I play with my friends, we notice that often you can't see the others tags until the next game section, for some reason. Have you tried it? Play normally until the safe room, and when the next round is started, tag a wall?
Ususally we can see each others tags then, strangely enough.
Dizzy Mar 9 @ 9:27am 
No, I use my spray throughout the whole campaign and still no one can see it but me. Everyone else can see each other's though, which is really weird. I've been looking through the forums for a while now and still haven't found a fix for this.
Dizzy Mar 9 @ 9:32am 
I'm using Windows 8, if that helps.
Dizzy Mar 9 @ 12:40pm 
Bump? :(
[linux] sophia Mar 9 @ 12:46pm 
Sometimes happens with specific servers.
Dizzy Mar 9 @ 12:55pm 
Happens with every server I've tried. It always worked before, now it doesn't.
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