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Darkness073 2014年3月9日上午6:19
Two questions...
1) My main menu music is broken, nothing plays when I start the game up. Not a massive problem (I currently have subscribed to a menu music changer to see whether that helps). wondering whether everyone is having this problem or caused by particular mods

2) I have yet to get the "ghost of christmas present" achievement. If anyone got the game for free, please add me!!! We will do a super short campaign rushing, wont take more than 15 minutes and you would be really helping me out! (69/70 is really annoying!) Also if you wanted help going through the expert campaigns, I have done them all about half a dozen times each so would be happy to help you with that
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Mʀ. Iʀᴏɴ 2014年3月9日下午1:14 
did u lost ur daughter again?
(ΘČĐ)™Conrad925 2014年3月9日下午1:18 
Play through a few campaigns on easy or normal and you are bound to get ghost achievement.
Butters 2014年3月9日下午1:25 
I have helped a lot of people to help me walk through a campaign.
I have the main menu music issue on my ubuntu 12.04.
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