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steeve 2014年3月8日下午2:24
sp ?
Any good to buy for single player ?
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Ninjabutter 2014年3月8日下午2:27 
It can be, yeah. You'll play with AI-controlled teammates instead of human ones. The experience isn't quite the same since there are some things bots simply won't or can't do, but there are also Workshop mods (like the Improved AI mod) that make the bots play significantly better.
steeve 2014年3月8日下午2:30 
oki doki, ty Nj
Pierro 2014年3月8日下午2:51 
DaKillkron 2014年3月8日下午2:58 
When none of ur buds are on ...... sp can be a good time!
steeve 2014年3月8日下午2:59 
引用自 Pierreo

daniu -TLG- 2014年3月8日下午3:30 
Buy it for sp, enjoy playing through the campaigns, maybe a few times.
Realize it gets kind of boring after a while and do a "might as well try it" coop campaign online.
Never look back.
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Edgy Loli Desu 2014年3月8日下午3:49 
It's more fun to play with other people , so I would not recommend you to buy it just for the sp campaigns.
Drain 2014年3月8日下午5:24 
It's made for multiplayer. It won't be very much fun by yourself. You can solo with 3 bots but it's going to be boring compared to any other singleplayer shooter you could be playing instead. I do not recommend it except maybe when your internet is down and you have nothing better to do.
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