Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Creadoris 7. maalis, 2014 16.13
How the hell are we still forced to use the BS low violence version
Title says it all, this is horse-♥♥♥♥.

♥♥♥♥ing fix it already Valve you lazy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
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Monokuma 7. maalis, 2014 16.23 
what country are you in?
Creadoris 7. maalis, 2014 16.25 
*Looks outside* Australia, and we have 18+ ratings here. We have for 2 years now.
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Upggrade 7. maalis, 2014 16.32 
I heard about Australia, isn't this something the government there handles? Talk to them.
Monokuma 7. maalis, 2014 16.37 
they are not going to release a new version. quit ♥♥♥♥♥ing, not valves fault your government sucks
Creadoris 7. maalis, 2014 16.37 
Valve need re-submit it for classification. The government doesn't just sit around looking for things to classify.
Monokuma 7. maalis, 2014 16.48 
they are not going to do it, anyone that wants the game already has it. no money is to be made so its a waste of time. just like this thread
Ninjabutter 7. maalis, 2014 16.51 
Good lord, there are literally three of these threads from the last 24 hours alone. There IS a working search field on the right side of the thread index.

It costs money to apply for a game classification. Valve isn't going to pay money to apply for a reclassification when the game is several years old; it would be a very poor investment and possibly cost them more than they made back.
Creadoris 7. maalis, 2014 16.53 
Yeah, I hear they are a little short on cash(sarcasm). So much so that they cant reward the loyalty of a fan base with such a gesture.

And in my opinion, until the issue is resolved, there can never be enough threads relating to this.
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waifu hunter 7. maalis, 2014 16.54 
Jordan (Tyhiyo) lähetti viestin:
they are not going to do it, anyone that wants the game already has it. no money is to be made so its a waste of time. just like this thread
there's dozens and dozens of complaints and threads daily on games since australia changed the laws, saying theres no money and that the government sucks shows your intelligence, all valve needs to do is a SMALL patch for these people to re-enable gore.....
Monokuma 7. maalis, 2014 16.54 
1. Valve is not short on cash 2. Your not geting a new version 3. Blame your government
Creadoris 7. maalis, 2014 17.06 
Jordan (Tyhiyo) lähetti viestin:
1. Valve is not short on cash 2. Your not geting a new version 3. Blame your government


2. The last official response from valve was that "we are aware of the situation"
Gutless, completely gutless. If you are NOT going to do something, then flat out come out and say you have no intention on doing it. If that was the case, myself and many others would simply accept the decision.

But there has been no decision.

3. Our government changes those laws, this doesn't rest with them anymore. Did you know when the Germans were forced into the same censorship situation, Valve gave their version of the game access to counterstrike weaponry as way of compensation? Australia, got nothing of the sort.

Is that my Governments fault too?
Lebe Frei 7. maalis, 2014 17.20 
Well... yes, your Government censored the game at the time of its release, so it is their fault. While it may be NICE of Valve, and good customer service, they have no obligation to try to reclassify a game that is already out.

Should they just admit they aren't going to do it? Probably, but we're talking about a company that doesn't believe in returns. I don't think customer service is at the head of their concerns.
Unleashed 7. maalis, 2014 17.47 
low violence? o.O pretty gore to me...go live in another country if your governement censor games lol
-3xA'Lu©κy 7. maalis, 2014 20.08 
Valve did say in January 2013 that money wasn't an issue and that "we want to do this" (uncensor the game for all Australian players).

They have no obligation to, of course, but communication would help. It's not the government restricting them anymore... we have R18+ rating in effect and many games in Australia have been resubmitted since - by lesser-known companies and companies with definetly less $ than Valve.

People posting above saying "Valve hasn't got lots of money" are idiots. Honestly.
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