distanced silence Mar 7, 2014 @ 12:10am
Idea! "300" Survival Add-on !
I'm sure this thought already came to some minds,but for some reason we still haven't it.Therefore I'd like to put here down few ideas about.
A) Comparable with a "Helms Deep Reborn",battle area must be a Hot Gates.
B) Mod Skins of Leonidas & spartans around.
C) As in "Helms Deep Reborn",L4D1 four staying aloof or amidst the Spartans' phalanx formation.When the 10 minutes passed there started Infected attacks from the back side - as if Ephialtes treachery happened.Since 11 minute it imitates an epic "300" last stand.Attacks comes from the both directions.L4D1 Survivors aloof one by one get died,and gamer's L4D2 Survivors remain without any fire support.
D) It is possible to create a two different modes: usual mode and melee weapon mode ( including shields and spears).
E) "300" film original soundtrack.
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