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69k losing spree 2014年3月5日下午6:41
3 horny guys wants to repopulate the world. Zoey/Rochelle must run for her life. New game mode, 3 horny man vs girl vs zombie ... Best thing to do when you end up being the girl, leave the game.
Dadum Tss
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Minnedota 2014年3月5日下午6:44 
Well, there's already a nude Zoey mod. They will have to rename LFD2 'I Spit On Your Zombie' or the like.
Andrade-IV 2014年3月5日下午7:58 
HA,HA,HA,HA...Nice that!!
StarLit1290 2014年3月5日下午10:02 
but i thought it was 5 guys and 2 gal... Bill died so that leave Francis, Luis, Nick, Ellis, Coach and you have Rochelle and Zoey...
Ninjabutter 2014年3月5日下午10:20 
Francis kills all the other men and then repopulates the world on his own.
StarLit1290 2014年3月5日下午10:24 
ooohhhh ok gotcha
MunkeyThrust 2014年3月6日下午3:12 
I am imagining this............. Munkey like.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年3月6日下午3:25 
引用自 MunkeyThrust
I am imagining this............. Munkey like.

your picture says it all munkey.. lol
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