Javert Borscht Mar 4 @ 2:53pm
the title pretty much sums up this one, occasionally when i play l4d2 from nowhere everything except the main parts of map go completely invisible (so this means things like health kits, other survivors, weapons and EVEN THE INFECTED become impossible to see), even sometimes objects on the map disappear like houses, cars or stairwells. this litterally makes the game impossible. for instance, playing tank rush, suddenly i stop being able to see the tanks, tank rocks and what im actually running towards. does anyone else get this and or know how to fix it?
EDIT: forgot to mention that this always tends to have something to do with gamemodes and mutations that involve a lot of tanks (for instance tank rush or any survival map.)
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Pie flavored Mar 4 @ 3:05pm 
Try verifying the gamecache.
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