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Rude Squash 3月4日下午2:36
Achievements not working
Can someone please help me?
I just noticed that my achieves are not counting. I finished a mission and did something else I was trying to, but after the game they weren't there. Is there any know bug or something?

Thanks in advance!
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Peelz 3月4日下午4:02 
What achivment was it?
Rude Squash 3月10日下午6:23 
All of them...
The_Majestic 3月10日下午7:22 
then you missed the specific thing. the achievements work however there are some that require specific things in order to get them.
Ghost 3月12日下午7:47 
Do you have cheats on? Achievements will not count if cheats and i think mods are activated.
Rude Squash 3月17日下午6:50 
Problem solved, by itself... Thanks for the help all of you!
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