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|TammojaOlen| 2014年3月4日上午4:49
What is your favourite campaign? (include L4D1)
I wanna know what campaign is the best :)
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|TammojaOlen| 2014年3月4日上午4:51 
My favourite Campaign is "The Passing"
hoodaelgenn 2014年3月4日上午5:17 
the parish and all of L4d1 maps
Captain Cactus™ 2014年3月4日上午5:23 
My favourite is "The Parish" but I like the last chapter better... Especially being a tank on verus on that chapter... Tank Golf, its fun.
daniu -TLG- 2014年3月4日上午5:48 
Death Toll.
Maximo Mephisto 2014年3月4日上午6:39 
No Mercy.
UnluckyDuckie 2014年3月4日上午7:34 
Hard Rain is pretty cool. Someone always bumps into a Witch.
daniu -TLG- 2014年3月4日上午8:11 
引用自 UnluckyDuckie
Hard Rain is pretty cool. Someone always bumps into a Witch.
AND IT'S ALWAYS ME which is why I don't have that achievement yet
Ninjabutter 2014年3月4日上午10:27 
Tie between No Mercy and Hard Rain.
★V - Unit★ 2014年3月4日上午10:35 
Dark Carnival for no reason whatsoever.
Rouzel 2014年3月4日上午10:55 
Dark Carnival & No Mercy
Minnedota 2014年3月4日下午12:05 
Dark Carnival probably.
Gimmeh Jibbs! 2014年3月4日下午8:42 
All of Left 4 Dead (not those stupid ported campaigns, mind you), with a heavy leaning toward Death Toll and I Hate Mountains.
Left 4 Doge 2014年3月4日下午10:32 
Dead Center, Dark Carnival, The Parish and Blood Harvest.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年3月4日下午10:45 
no mercy.

if modded campaigns count then Beta The Parish.
SkylarKitty 2014年3月5日上午2:51 
My personal favourites are The Passing, Dark Carnival and Hard Rain
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