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Anodyne Mar 3, 2014 @ 5:40pm
So cheating^_^
So Iv started playing L4D2 on PC. Now as im sure we all know PCs have lots of little things players can do to make the game... more interesting.

Mods and cheats are my big two.
So far my mods are workign well and there a blast.
Cheats ont he other hand... we all know how valve games love to bust our balls.

So lets get on with the meat of why im posting.
-Main menu
-map c1m1_hotel (works)
-sv_cheats 1 (worked earlyer today but is now not working and is asking me to do those first 2 steps)
-then i would use 'thirdperson' and thirdpersonshoulder, etc...

So does anyone know why sv_cheats 1 isnt working?

So this just in i restarted game and its working again. Idk how or why but if anyone knows how to prevent this in future id love to know
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get this. its like using cheats, but better, because if you play local servers, your friends can join.
plus theres a guide for most the admin codes. :)
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