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Dude! 2014年3月3日 11時06分
Dedicated Server

after browsing the guides and discussions some I didn't find anything that might help me, though, I'm sure there's probably something so just someone linking me there would be appreciated.

I rented a Dedicated L4D2 server and obviously would like to be able to play on it. The only guide I've really found describes how to use your own computer to host the server in itself.

My question simply is the following: How can I set up a Versus game so it uses the server I bought online?

Any suggestions are kindly appreciated,

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Melons Norbert Gorfingherpiter 2014年3月3日 15時23分 
Hey, try follow this guide
Scroll down to the dedicated server section. It seems to have everything. Ask you really need its a server.cfg that sets sv_gametypes versus and mp_gamemode versus

Hope it helps
Melons Norbert Gorfingherpiter 2014年3月3日 15時25分 
It's not essential to install sourcemod unless you want greater admin functionality like kick immunity, easier kick/ban commands and being able to install additional mods/configs
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