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AleiusN 2014年2月28日下午3:32
Guys I've been trying forever to get this achievement and I can't get 3 other decent people to help me out. I don't have any friends who have this game cause I'm usually in the RPG circle like I have a ton of friends who play dota 2. But anyways I don't trust pub players cause reaslism expert is serious stuff you can't actually just run through. Bots are ALMOST perfect if a hunter jumps me they get rid of it before they can do any damage. The ONLY issue with bots is they don't hold pipe/bile/molotov so I only have like 1 nuke at a time which really sucks and sometimes they heal prematurely. So any suggestions on how to get this? Usually when I pair with other people either I have a bad ping or they do and since I can stop smokers hunters and jockeys myself without needing a team I like it when I don't have the high ping. So maybe there are some glitches or something? Or JUST a command that can tell the bots to wait here cause seriously if I had that one command that'd be great too.
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ღ.:тяιχιє:.ღ 2014年2月28日下午4:06 
Add me and ill help you get it right now.
最后由 ღ.:тяιχιє:.ღ 编辑于; 2014年2月28日下午4:07
DeathChaos 2014年2月28日下午4:22 
Well, were are you from?

If you're anywhere near the East Coast, our ping should be pretty good.
AleiusN 2014年2月28日下午4:26 
I'm in Bahrain right now and might move back to Pakistan and I doubt either of you two are near me :/
Dr Chaos MK 2014年2月28日下午6:12 
Doing it with bots is not THAT hard. I did it. Best advice..... try Crash Course Expert Realism. It's only 2 stages. And the finale can be cleared pretty easily as well. How do I know? Cause THIS is how I got the real deal. By clearing Crash Course Expert Realism.
Suby WRX STi 2014年2月28日下午10:51 
Dead Center is probably the best campaign for this in my opinion. It's short, and the first 2 chapters shouldn't be a problem. Chapter 3 would be a little tricky due to the likelihood of a tank spawning during the crescendo or at the narrow hallways, but if you have a bile bomb, your chances of evading the tank would be increased. Expect a lot of time in the scavenge finale though. I recommend spamming bile bombs in the finale to stall the AI director (making him spawn the tank later) and buy your team some time while collecting the gas cans. Good luck!
Wowee 2014年3月1日上午1:56 
Dead Center is easiest for Expert Realism. Crash Course is shorter, but it's quite a bit harder.
AleiusN 2014年3月1日上午9:25 
Yes yes I always get stuck at the end of chapter 3 which is really frusterating of Dead center
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