Xaciel Queenmaker 27. helmi 8.56
need to get CSS weapons
i need help getting the AI director to spawn CSS weapons. i don't want a console command, or a string of console commands, i'm talking about launch codes. thank you if you can help me. if you wanna flame or troll, do it somewhere else, i'm outa flamer/troll food. ^^
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[†]Munkee_King[†] 27. helmi 11.17 
the mod Day Break has them in the levels.

all i know.
Xaciel Queenmaker 27. helmi 11.31 
alright then. :/ i got that mod btw, never saw them.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 27. helmi 12.23 
Unleash the Devil inside lähetti viestin:
alright then. :/ i got that mod btw, never saw them.

weird. i see them in truck beds, and inbuildings.
Xaciel Queenmaker 27. helmi 13.00 
i'll try the campaign again and see if i can find them. but still, i want them in all campaigns cuz i need the Sniper Scout rifle which is a CSS weapon and i want it to spawn via AI director, not the console.
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