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lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 2014年2月26日 14時24分
Expert realism no damage game =)))))
My friends and I have recently got into playing realism. This happened yesterday =). Hope I can get more of these games in the future... but ff is very annoying...

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Mr. Alex 2014年2月26日 15時09分 
Nice one, your aim seems to be very good.

I got a similar no damage expert game a few weeks ago, but that was only Sacrifice 1st map, and not realism.

Also i cant do bunnyhop. :)
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lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 2014年2月26日 15時47分 
@Mr. Alex
Thats awesome you pulled that off man! Always good to hear other people's great games.

Ty for the compliments =)
General Bacca 2014年2月26日 16時11分 
i have been able to survive a single level on expert with no damage i think it was on the parish campaign
General Bacca 2014年2月26日 17時00分 
and you have got some really good aim! wow
Peelz 2014年2月26日 17時06分 
Thats good skill, i really can stay in 100% hp until the second level, then it goes all the way down to Black and White

Edit: Didnt i see you in a sacrifice game?
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lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 2014年2月26日 18時07分 
@General Bacca
Nice =).

@Basement Alien
Could be. Sacrifice is one of my favorites =).

Ty for compliments.
Peelz 2014年2月26日 18時10分 
lol.Killer5^p no monitor の投稿を引用:
@General Bacca
Nice =).

@Basement Alien
Could be. Sacrifice is one of my favorites =).

Ty for compliments.

Were you bill? If so you we wiped we were fighting the tank that was in the trailer in the trailer, all of us was incapped besides you.

Edit: It wasnt you, sorry :/.
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|B4ST4RDS| Sophia♥ 2014年2月26日 20時29分 
Congrats, very nicely done.
Golden 2014年2月26日 23時17分 
can you give a link to the awsome weapon skins?
ThePirateOctopus 2014年2月26日 23時28分 
Interesting Deagle skin.
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