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KillerKrieg 25 Fev, 2014 às 14:43
YAY! So as of now the game is working pretty much perfectly.
I just played a game of this today. I tried and failed at the stupid bridge again but, turning low violence mode on and turning gore on low seemed to take care of the slowdown being ridiculous, it doesn't feel like I am running in slow motion anymore, and these tweaks also appeared to have fixed the "hitting the specials with melee and hearing the noise and them still not dying" problem at least, so while I am not quite good enough to make it out of the bridge alive yet, I figure it's only a matter of time before I beat it, with some persistence, I should be able to do it. On another note, I did another perfect game of Dark Carnival on advanced, all 4 survivors escaped and there was not a moment where all of us died, helped me not feel like such a freaking noob for not being able to beat the bridge. After all, I suppose the bridge is, essentially the hardest challenge the game has to offer, so really I should beat everything else first so it doesn't seem so redundant, beating the hardest challenge and going back to lesser ones. On another note, after I re-verified my files, the game is no longer freezing during the credits. Also, on yet another happy note, I got my microphone plugged in and now I am talking to people in my own words :) Happy day on so many levels. Hey guys, why don't you make some suggestions about what I should conquer next? So far, here are the challenges I have completed: Beaten Dead Center on Expert, beaten Dark Carnival on advanced, beaten Hard Rain on advanced, beaten swamp fever and Parish on normal. Beaten all l4d1 scenarios on normal and advanced, have not tried the new scenarios(The passing, the sacrifice, cold stream and isn't there one more add-on campaign that comes default in the game?) So I would love any suggestions as to what would be a good challenge to tackle next. :)
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Restless 25 Fev, 2014 às 14:48 
good job, glad the tweaks worked. Just keep on getting better at reaction times in terms of freeing allies and not getting captured by SI. Keep practicing how to shove and shoot your way out of hordes. Work on completing campaigns quicker while taking less avoidable damage.

Beating the campaigns on Expert at least once is a decent achievement to aim for, but steadily making it through on Advanced is a more reasonable goal to attain.
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