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Ser LP 2014年2月22日 9時35分
assisstance plz!
in l4d2, the textings are bit off, for ex. in the quit screen when it says "Are you sure u want to quit? the letters are like unsusaly close to the other letters and the ok and the cancel button is weird 2. The word ok and cancel is a bit up (look, its really hard 2 explain). So if anyone wants 2 kindly help me, dat will be appreciate :)
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|B4ST4RDS| Sophia - brb 2014年2月22日 17時37分 
What's your resolution at? The lowest resolution will have the letters be a lot closer together than on higher resolutions.
Ser LP 2014年2月23日 4時01分 
its on the highest
mwob 2014年2月23日 5時44分 
I think he got a bug that probably a lot ppl have in last days in L4D2. e.g. my texture option gone alone from middle to high. On my friend the whole screen in L4D2 moves 500 pixels to the left?!?!!!!!!. Check the video options, maybe something changed.
Ser LP 2014年2月23日 5時45分 
nvm, i fix it, thnxs for ur help!
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