xProlive Feb 22 @ 4:51am
Bots are OP sometimes....
Indeed, sometimes, the bots are really op, in versus mode currently, even if when you're a Boomer, you vomit on 'em they are still able to see evrything, and protect their reals teamates.
Valve, get on it!
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Freddy Fazbear V3RM Feb 22 @ 5:53am 
They always come back to save someone, which really sucks in versus.
acommoncreeper Feb 22 @ 7:26am 
Bots are affected by the bile. They'll act confused about what they're seeing.
Blue Candle Feb 22 @ 7:43am 
Bots are stupid when it comes to teamwork I find, or picking up health kits but ya they can shoot a smokers head off at 1000ft away with a SMG thats in the bushes.
Grabbing Pills Feb 22 @ 8:42am 
It seems like bots become better when there are less human players on versus compared to the infected team. Seriously, I was playing on a server where it was 1 human & bots vs 4 human infected. One of the bots dropped down a hunter in mid air, right before it pounced on a player.
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