The Frosty_Engine Feb 21, 2014 @ 6:18pm
Is there a way to play Co-Op properly on one PC?
Well, first off, I know its possible, but is there a way for it to work without major annoyance? My PC is broken and me and a friend decided to try playing on his PC co op. He watched a video on one PC co op thing, but it didn't work, so we then decide to have two Xbox controllers and load an map, do the cheat, worked alright except I couldn't look up or down, only left to right, on the other hand, my friend's worked perfectly, making me feel I was handicapped.

I do, however would expect imperfection with this, since L4D2 is meant for two PC or one Xbox, but would anyone know if there is aa better way, like say a guide, not a video which doesn't explain if you need gamepad enabled or anything? Really need help, please!

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