KillerKrieg Feb 20 @ 11:44pm
If your game crashes due to running out of OS paged pool Memory, look here.
(First of all, allow me to say I am not a professional and you are following these steps at your own risk) I know that this topic will not be on the front page long, but for anyone who is having trouble with OS paged pool memory running out, I have finally got the problem licked myself(my OS can now handle The Parish without crashing, and it doesn't even show the "low OS paged pool memory" message anymore.) There are several resources. First, if there are any drivers on your computer that you know for sure AREN'T essential to you running your OS or the game, un-install them(to save you sometime, any HD audio drivers and NVIDIA are essential.) You may also want to consider downloading the free trial version of CCleaner(there is a free version somewhere just couldn't find it) to clean up the left-over files from programs you have un-installed. Next is disabling unnecessary background items while playing the game, this will add a bit of paged pool to your memory. The steps to do this safely and properly can be found here Now if this still does not resolve the problem(ideally, you don't want to be seeing the error message at all. The message means a crash is right around the corner even if you seem to be doing well so far.) there is one final step, and this is essentially all that can be done. Go here and follow the steps, but cut out the middle man involved in trying the middle setting(which is 256) and go for 384MB. Hexadecimally, the value you should put in is 18000000. Once this is done, restart your computer(and yes, you can do this step, then do the step of shutting off background items and use the restart caused by doing that.) Setting my OSPPM all the way like this not only solved the crashing but resolved the error message aswell. ***THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO BATTLE2525 WHO WAS THERE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY IN RESOLVING THIS ISSUE. MUCH OF THIS INFORMATION IS CREDIT TO HIM.***
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