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Slayn 2月20日下午6:17
Regular Play
Dear Valve,

Please add an option to allow modded games to be filtered out from quick match/online searches.
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PeopleNeedToGrowUp 2月20日下午6:31 
Why does everyone hate modded servers for?? Unless u r a newbie who hasnt beat all the levels yet?
Dharok The Wretched 2月20日下午6:36 
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[linux] sophia hapgood 2月20日下午7:05 
There are server browser mods that allegedly allow you to blacklist modded servers, so you at least don't have to get on the same server twice. You can also request bans from server admins. Helps narrow it down, at least.
Lunatix 2月20日下午7:14 
First they should implement the same system than payday the heist, if the player has under a limit of 100h for example he can't join... haha this will reduce the amount terrible players
Dharok The Wretched 2月20日下午7:18 
If you want a ban from DLR servers, I will happily apply the ban for you.
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