Brandleton Feb 19 @ 8:08pm
"50 ping" but i lag too badly to have a fair game. #noofficialdedicated
ever since christmas when the servers crashed, every game i have played has been a 3rd party server. In each game it says that I and others have 50 ping or so but i can tell that I am lagging badly. When i am playing as infected i will charge/pounce right through people. sometimes it will even pause for a brief moment on them (because i hit them), but then continue forward. With the jockey i have to jump on some one at least twice before it snaps to them. I will be taking a break from the game because this lag ♥♥♥♥es me off so much. My team mates sometimes will say, "How did you fail that?!" when i had a really easy charge or something. And all I can say is, "I didn't miss, it just wouldn't grab them like it's supposed to." To some people it just sounds like I'm trying to blame something else for bad playing. I will admit i'm not a pro at l4d2 but this lag makes me look like a noob.

also, I opened the server browser with the dev console and tried connecting to official servers. every time i tried, the game would freeze. I would have to relaunch. It said there were people on some of the "official" servers though. It showed tons of empty "official dedicated" ones but how come every game i play is 3rd party?
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Dr Chaos MK Feb 19 @ 9:06pm 
I can still use official servers. But only through the server browser. The lobby will not let me connect. If this keep happening, I will put in a Steam support ticket AGAIN. This is not the first time I cannot connect to the official servers.
Dharok The Wretched Feb 19 @ 9:26pm 
It may be server-side lag.
You may also have a problem with someone DoS'ing you, but that's less likely.
Keep trying through server browser, and hopefully it goes away.
Good luck!
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