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Phaeton 17 Φεβ @ 11:08πμ
Anybody want to play "Headshot" mutation?
I'm looking for people who would play this fun mode with me.
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BennySpaceship19869 17 Φεβ @ 3:33μμ 
I'd love to play with you! (so i guess we can only kill zombies with headshots?) It will be like "the walking dead!"
BennySpaceship19869 17 Φεβ @ 3:34μμ 
anyone now that show?
Phaeton 18 Φεβ @ 8:08πμ 

Anyone wants to play?
NotMrp00tis 18 Φεβ @ 8:25πμ 
I will play (and probably die A LOT!) It sounds fun!
Phaeton 18 Φεβ @ 8:33πμ 
So, you are new in l4d2? You played it for only 1.5 hours?
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NotMrp00tis 18 Φεβ @ 8:34πμ 
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από Phaeton:
So, you are new in l4d2? You played it for only 1.5 hours?
Yep, but I have like a YEAR's worth of time on the XboX and I play with a Gamepad.
Phaeton 18 Φεβ @ 8:37πμ 
Im sorry, I would like to play with people with some experience. :)
NotMrp00tis 18 Φεβ @ 8:37πμ 
It is Ok.
swiven96 18 Φεβ @ 9:05πμ 
i dont know
o9enolc 13 Μαρ @ 11:16πμ 
Hell no. Why? "Headshot!" + Riotcop Zombies = HELL ON EARTH!!!
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