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KillerKrieg 2014年2月16日上午10:53
Re verified files, is setting to low really the proper response to OS page pool memory problem?
I am still trying to test things out. I just ran a game of single player. The game posted a message "Warning: OS page pool memory low" during the same sequence in the game as before, which was Dead Center chapter 2 crescendo, the coke crisis. I was experimenting, I had set OS page pool memory to HIGH in options because it does say that makes it alocate *more* page pool memory for the game in the description. I seem to experience less problems playing the game, less moments of the game freezing for a brief moment and fixing itself. I did experience significant frame rate drop during the final crescendo of DC though, and I am wondering if it is because I set OSPPM to high this time, and if changing it back would help a little. With that said, not sure that's the right thing to do. Not sure if the game *didn't* crash this time because of me reverifying my files or setting OSPPM to high this time. If anyone has any insights, again thank you all for your input and help.
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