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☃X✗MerryCristhmas✗X 13 feb, ore 8:43
Can't start.
It says program already running, i've checked the program manager. it doesn't show up there, it's not on.. it does just say it is. please help
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Przemoboski 13 feb, ore 8:44 
restart steam
☃X✗MerryCristhmas✗X 13 feb, ore 8:44 
ok thanks
☃X✗MerryCristhmas✗X 13 feb, ore 8:45 
now it says that i need to shut down l4d before i restart steam
Przemoboski 13 feb, ore 8:53 
shut steam through program manager or restart pc
Dbomb123 13 feb, ore 8:58 
I believe the game runs as HL2.exe or something like that and not left4dead2.exe
☃X✗MerryCristhmas✗X 13 feb, ore 9:31 
Mmm yea thanks i restarted my pc and it worked, thank you for the help guys!
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