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narcredzik 2014. febr. 13. @ de. 6:58
Full campaign achievement
Hello, I have a question.

I want to earn an achievement for completing full campaign. When I earn this achievement? If I play full campaign without a break, or can I start today, complete first part, and end it tomorrow starting from second part?
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daniu -TLG- 2014. febr. 13. @ de. 7:02 
I have seen people dropping into the last seconds of a finale getting the completed achievement for it. That's been a while though, might have changed.
And it's possible you needed to have played the previous levels before in another session, not sure.
Huxley 2014. febr. 13. @ de. 9:30 
From what I understand, you play the whole campaign in one session. It shouldn't take more than 1 hour to do so.
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