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Dr Chaos MK 2014年2月11日下午7:18
Steam ID sorting & organization for a L4D 2 server.
My friend had a L4D 2 server back in 2011. But he lost interest & took it down. However he is thinking of opening one back up. He has some console commands & admin commands already. However there is 1 thing he did not have & misplaced. Steam ID's. So to help him out I have some questions:

1) In console.... when " status " is typed it shows all active players in the server. All text for that info is white. Is it possible to change the color of Steam ID's?

2) If yes.... what is the console command needed to do the color change.

Thank you for your time everyone. And if my friend does get his server running we look forward to having good times.
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Javo 2014年2月11日下午8:16 
Squishymishy 2014年2月11日下午8:57 
It's not possible to change the color of the text although you can get plugins which announce peoples steamid when they join, and that's colored.

You find out by getting your profile link (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961024183) and pasting that into www.steamidfinder.com which returns yours as (STEAM_0:1:379227).
Just use the same process to find your friends'.
Dr Chaos MK 2014年2月11日下午9:12 
引用自 I V O R K
although you can get plugins
Are these plug ins the ONLY way to store & show Steam ID's with a different color?
Squishymishy 2014年2月11日下午9:19 
Other than going through server logs manually. What are you actually trying to achieve? I assumed you just wanted your steamids to set up sm admin
Dr Chaos MK 2014年2月11日下午10:33 
引用自 I V O R K
Other than going through server logs manually. What are you actually trying to achieve? I assumed you just wanted your steamids to set up sm admin
My friend lost the Steam ID's he banned from when he had his server back in 2011. So we are trying to prevent that by sorting & oranizing Steam ID's this time. But he asked for some help from me. That's why I am asking on how to change the color of Steam ID's in console. That way I can set up & sort the good players from the griefers / trolls. If there was a way to change the color of the font in console, then it would be a great way to organize things.
Squishymishy 2014年2月11日下午11:36 
Not in the in-game console but if you download the program HLSW[hlsw.soft32.com] you can then add them to it's database and assign colors if needed if you put in the RCon password. (like this[i.imgur.com])
最后由 Squishymishy 编辑于; 2014年2月11日下午11:37
Squishymishy 2014年2月11日下午11:46 
And if you ban from HLSW (through the addid, addip or sm_ban) you will be able to add it to the database as banned, then paste it onto other servers/a new server.

The other option is to get sourcebans if you have a SQL database available to you. That way you can set it up like this[dlrgaming.clanservers.com].
最后由 Squishymishy 编辑于; 2014年2月11日下午11:52
C= 64 2014年2月12日上午12:05 
There is a plugin that lets you flag when a certain steamid joins, i forget its name, it will tell admins or those with the "kick" flag a comment on the steamid in question.

i.e. steamid xxxx joins and on connect a msg will appear saying "knowen troll please watch." i believe it had options also for allowing the info to be sent outside of the server so admins can monitor the console log output chat or actions in regards to the person if they are not actually in game.
最后由 C= 64 编辑于; 2014年2月12日上午12:06
Squishymishy 2014年2月12日上午12:13 
Yep, I am pretty sure you are talking about the SourceBans Checker[forums.alliedmods.net]. That notifies any banflag somthing along the lines of
[SBCHECKER] WARNING: Player "IVORK" has 3 past sb ban(s) on record!
And you can list the details with sm_listsbbans. HLSW has options like that where you can monitor a server and if anyone types !hlswadmin you get a popup (you can change the command)
C= 64 2014年2月12日上午2:06 
There is that one plus another one i recall, ill check in my favourites later and add to this thread.

Dr Chaos MK 2014年2月12日下午7:15 
OK. Thanks everyone. We will look into these options.
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