Batchap 9. helmi, 2014 7.59
Scariest moment?
Mine was when I turned around and a hunter was flying at me.
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Ill Smith 9. helmi, 2014 8.26 
Looking at my self in the mirror
distanced silence 9. helmi, 2014 8.46 
At first time in-game I went in without watching intro loop.I had no idea what exactly L4D line,so I just started at once from the Hard Rain campaign,just because the very name attracted me.Therefore I was really shocked when at first level Tank came to me along the street.Such a big creepy b a s t a r d was rushing to me in spit of all my shots!I remember this till novadays.
|x|SiriuS|x| 9. helmi, 2014 8.55 
When you hear the Tank and panic, because you don't know where he's coming from...
Hearing the roar, turning around...
...and seeing that car flying right at your head lol.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on |x|SiriuS|x|; 9. helmi, 2014 8.55
MaNi 9. helmi, 2014 11.49 
The witch, for the first time when I shot her and she killed me. I was like wtf ;)
Wartow 9. helmi, 2014 17.43 
Was followed by a tank, I get inside a building by a small gate and turn back to taunt the tank like "Ah! Whatcha' gonna do? That gate is too small"... Learned they can go trough any gate no matter their size, I was surprised as hell.
Kenny McCormick 9. helmi, 2014 17.45 
when u post this thread
Caliman 9. helmi, 2014 20.45 
jockey rode me to acid and ended me on my last hold of life
A Ded Shroom 10. helmi, 2014 8.11 
When I was still on my beginner witch-crowning practice with some experienced friends. We all heard the witch so one guy ran ahead only to find out she was right behind a wall and backed away, but they didn't warn me she was that close. I ran in (while she was last-stage agitated), missed (no auto-shotgun that time) and flipped out.
ThatsMax 10. helmi, 2014 8.33 
I was playing "The Bloody Moors" and suddenly the Werewolf tank came running out of the room i was near!
a fox does not rest 10. helmi, 2014 11.19 
ThatsMax lähetti viestin:
I was playing "The Bloody Moors" and suddenly the Werewolf tank came running out of the room i was near!
That campaign is brilliant.
a fox does not rest 10. helmi, 2014 11.21 
I'll have to say it was probably my first encounter with a Witch (this was in Left 4 Dead and not in Left 4 Dead 2, mind me). I shot her and she downed me instantly. Got scared by that time.

Now I'm so used to crown Witches that I laugh when I think about that moment.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 11. helmi, 2014 2.57 
scariest part was never.
not a scary game, was alittle disappointed, but eh, still fun.
Lolich 39 :P 11. helmi, 2014 3.33 
my momeny
Blingie 11. helmi, 2014 4.52 
I get the frequent jump when you suddenly have a special infected right behind you
BlackMilk 11. helmi, 2014 5.05 
MaNi lähetti viestin:
The witch, for the first time when I shot her and she killed me. I was like wtf ;)
Not just the first time?
One time on Dark Carnival I had such bad luck...
We had just passed the carousel and were trying to leg it to the saferoom after turning off the alarm. I believe we'd failed it at least twice before, so when I was the farthest along of all the players, they encouraged me to keep going instead of turning back for incapped players.
So I did. And when I spotted an infected directly in my way just before the saferoom, I instinctively shot it.

Turns out it was a witch I didn't hear. Naturally the rest of my team actually survived the onslaught a little behind me and caught up to my corpse, pretty sure someone had a defib on them and was nice enough to revive me.

Sure learned from that! I always listen for witches before we start that little event nowadays, and try to set them on fire if they are there.
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