[†]Munkee_King[†] Feb 1 @ 10:02pm
ok. i haven't had 1 good online game in a week
everyother game, connection is perfectly fine, maybe alittle lag, but not much.
but THIS one game, THIS one game that i really wanna play, refuses to work right. before i even left the safe room it tried disconnecting me like 5 times, total in whole campaign, maybe 20 times.
my connection isnt that bad, maybe if its stormy it can get alittle iffy, but nevr that bad.

Are their servers screwed up or something? im disconnecting at 40 ping. i want to blame steam, but its hard to blame steam when its just this game that is disconnecting me. TF2 had no issues, minus a 3 second lag 1 time within 2 games.

its not my computer, because when i first got it, no connection issues at all.
plus.. its only been happening for the past 2 weeks.
im about to put my fist through the screen.

Oh yes. a reason or a way to fix would be just freakin spiffy because i played solo way too many times, so if i cant get online to work decent, ill just go back to skyrim and forget this game for a few months.
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