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schockbock 2014年2月1日下午12:14
Textures issue
Lately I'm encountering some weird texture issues. The wallpaper showing up on loading screen (the one with the campaign's title on it) looks like it's been downgraded in quality, like a 16bit version of its former self. Plus I'm pretty sure that some of the textures in game now have worse quality than before (L4D2 got long in the tooth, but now it partly looks like Jedi Knight 2 and stuff).

I'm running a Athlon X2 4000+
geforce 9600 GT
Vista 64

Any ideas?

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schockbock 2014年2月1日下午12:33 
Uhm, nevermind folks.
For some reason the texture quality option set itself to 'low'.
I'm kinda proud of not being a graphics ♥♥♥♥♥, but damn- that game looks nice again! :)
Syluxguy2803 2014年2月1日下午7:13 
i recently had the same problem. i think sometimes mods change the setting.
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