O3M Jan 31 @ 4:08pm
How do we change the main soundtrack?
^ is there a mod that changes the whole main soundtrack not just tank/witch/etc? I really can't stand the main soundtrack, it's awful. I just want to know if anyone can link a mod or tell me how to change it under proterties. Thanks
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like SI sound, witch, tank, horde, finale, sounds?
O3M Jan 31 @ 4:13pm 
no just the ambient music that always plays in the background.
thats what i meant. uh. you will have to look on workshop, and l4dmaps.com to find soundtrack mods.
dave (banned) Jan 31 @ 6:18pm 
maybe a justin beiber soundtrack would be nice
O3M Jan 31 @ 6:24pm 
^ not gay enough
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