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A Fancy Handsome Giraffe 2014年1月30日下午7:31
Why Does My Game Keep Crashing Whenever I Play The Passing
Whenever I'm playing the passing it randomly crashes, please help!
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m-w-o-b 2014年1月31日上午4:49 
Right click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Cache
A Fancy Handsome Giraffe 2014年1月31日上午11:22 
I already tried that.
Sgm.Jackson037 2014年1月31日上午11:32 
wait is that happen after u play the music box or Jukebox ? becoz this happen to me same
(ΘČĐ)™Conrad925 2014年1月31日上午11:32 
You could try reducing graphics settings to make it less demanding. Does this happen in off-line campaign as well? I still get random crashes/disconnects in on-line games irregardless of the map being played.
A Fancy Handsome Giraffe 2014年1月31日下午12:00 
I tried all of that and it still keeps crashing.
Jakarta 2014年1月31日下午12:03 
Sgm.Jackson037 2014年1月31日下午12:11 
well i think the sound is the problem in game only not by a your pc
Sgm.Jackson037 2014年1月31日下午12:15 
my game Crash when i play the music box or jukebox .... in the passing
Digi 2014年1月31日下午12:50 
Yeah the game kinda has incompatibilities with sound and stuff... I had crash after crash after crash in this game.

Do you have an AMD video card ? Unless you use it, disable the AMD high definition audio device, that helps my crashes.

And if you have a Realtek integrated sound card, you should install/update drivers for it too.

Other than that... you could set *everything* to low, for me it crashes just because I set certain stuff on high, even though my computer can handle it (the game itself sets it to high by default).
Sgm.Jackson037 2014年1月31日下午11:48 
oh Thx SO MUCH the update helps And make paged pool in low and Disable Multicore Rending in Video Sittings and its not about make your game it low u can make it high but make SURE u have a Good Videocard
最后由 Sgm.Jackson037 编辑于; 2014年1月31日下午11:48
m-w-o-b 2014年2月2日上午4:04 
maybe there are conflicts with addons on this map. maybe you have too much addons installed
A Fancy Handsome Giraffe 2014年2月2日上午8:32 
I already tried it without any addons.
m-w-o-b 2014年2月3日上午2:29 
be sure your PC specs are above the minimum requirements. if you can´t compare yourself, tell us your specs.
DIMEDROLL 2014年2月3日上午2:33 
it crashes often for me too, right now it crashes right after map is loaded. It didn't happen before and I verified game cache.
Sgm.Jackson037 2014年2月3日上午3:32 
:l Srsly ? Fancy when ur game CRASHES ? is that when u play jukebox or music box and then Freez for a Sec and get crashed to desktop ?
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