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clivefrog666 2014年1月30日上午9:14
Why? WTF. This is ridiculous. FIX THIS NOW!
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mwob 2014年1月31日上午4:53 
Right click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Cache
|B4ST4RDS| Goddess 2014年1月31日上午5:08 
More details on your error
clivefrog666 2014年1月31日下午5:24 
Verified integrity. Still happens. This happened when I first downloaded steam and their game pack that included l4d2. I did a process where I deleted everything but steam.exe and a folder I think and it repopulated everything and then worked. Now it's doing it again. Not much I love more than an UNKNOWN ERROR
clivefrog666 2014年1月31日下午5:25 
team fortress does the same thing. Yet other games, say battlefront 2, work fine. so frustrating.
battle2525 2014年1月31日下午6:12 
Try running steam as adminstrator. Preferably steam.exe in your steam folder rather than the desktop shortcut. That fixed unknown error for some.
rontonik 2014年1月31日下午10:16 
Try to delete ClientRegistry.blob file.It is in the primary folder C:\Program files\ Steam. Move it for any case to other place though. Restart Steam. This solved problems with some games I had when verify cache was useless.
正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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