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Pie flavored 1月29日 19時01分
Sandbox Maps Unplayable
Whenever I try to play on the sandbox maps on singleplayer it says the maps aren't compatible for Survival mode. How do I play on them?
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Pie flavored 1月30日 15時24分 
trash 1月30日 17時03分 
What maps?
Pie flavored 1月30日 17時42分 
The dual defense pack on l4dmaps
|zG|angelucard<3 1月30日 17時52分 
Pie flavored 1月30日 18時00分 
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trash 1月31日 5時50分 
You need to start them from the survival mode tab and not the singleplayer tab and it needs to be installed in the addons folder and not it the workshop folder in the addons folder.
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