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Xx_Diamonddude 707_xX 2014年1月28日下午4:40
will it ever work
now, i know you need a good graphics card to play, but mine is pretty good (i think) and it still is pretty laggy. will it update so it wont lag as bad. and while im here how do you pick up items (noob question)
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[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年1月28日下午4:42 
just walk up to them, wait till they light up, and press E
Xx_Diamonddude 707_xX 2014年1月28日下午4:48 
k thx
Dharok The Wretched 2014年1月28日下午9:19 
If you're getting FPS issues, turn down the settings for the game. (especially things like anisotropic filtering/Anti-Aliasing)
That should help your game run smoother!
Trust me, I've seen the game played on a Macbook Air (albeit on low settings)
A Ded Shroom 2014年1月29日上午1:28 
I play with an integrated card and it runs well with settings turned down, for even smoother gameplay I launch with -lv (low violence). That should help with lag issues.
Xx_Diamonddude 707_xX 2014年1月29日上午3:38 
k thank you i will try that
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