Jrerw101 23. tammi, 2014 12.32
The Workshop on Macs
Anyone having troubles with the Workshop addons on Macs, namely that the mods load fine but do not appear ingame?
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|B4ST4RDS| Sophia♥ 23. tammi, 2014 18.45 
It's not the OS that changes anything- the files are still vpks across whatever system you're using. If your mods aren't showing up in game, try in single player; some servers are enforcing pure and not allowing your mods to be seen.
Jrerw101 23. tammi, 2014 18.49 
I have tried single player, i think the problem is that the mods are put in the workshop folder rather than addons, good point though
Those Dirty Blues 23. tammi, 2014 21.08 
Some mods don't play nice with Macs. I have no experience with that, never touched a Mac, all I get is hearsay.
Jrerw101 23. tammi, 2014 21.39 
True, but the strange thing is that the sound mods i get off the workshop work fine, i think the other mods like custom character models need to be in the addons folder though
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