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Sifferz 1月22日 6時46分
Left 4 Fortress 2
Figured I'd post another thread on the fact that L4D2 just turned into TF2 and tried to DL another 7 gig update, probably to actually turn it into TF2.

I would very much appreciate somebody at valve addressing this soon.
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ArcadeHeroes 1月22日 6時48分 
happened to me aswell , didnt know what was going on
CLstream 1月22日 6時48分 
My L4D2 and TF2 are doing just fine :T
Kimi Morgam 1月22日 6時49分 
Working normal for me, kiss :*
kleineKagome 1月22日 6時51分 
Yeaaah!! I am not the only one!!! -.-
grayliger5 1月22日 6時55分 
same here, it upset me quite a bit, because i had an umber of hours on it, everything else is there, just odd how it was replaced with tf2
werewing 1月22日 6時58分 
Same bug here.
kleineKagome 1月22日 7時00分 
There are many others where dota 2 changed in left 4 dead 2...some even got problems with portal XD
Bandowulf 1月22日 8時37分 
if you uninstal the left 4 dead 2 version of team fortress 2 and re-install it, it should work (it worked for me) and it should be left 4 dead 2 again
kleineKagome 1月22日 8時45分 
If you still haven't seen it yet :

Here's the link - please paste this link into address bar of your web browser and hit enter.


(You'll need to restart your Steam client to complete the process)
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