Abomination713 22. Jan. um 0:47 Uhr
Why does my L4D2 come up as TF2?

Please see thread below for the easiest way to resolve this issue:

I don't know what is going on, but my L4D2 is called Team Fortress 2 and is downloading 7.1GB patch or something.....what the hell? Even says TF2 in my download manager.
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Serene 22. Jan. um 0:48 Uhr 
someone's gonna get fired ^_^
DotA2 = .A2 22. Jan. um 0:55 Uhr 
My DotA 2 has become L4D 2 and L4D 2 has become TF2 and TF2 has become Portal. I dont even ♥♥♥♥ing own a copy of Portal.
♥♥♥♥ you volovo
SpAcEgObLiN 22. Jan. um 0:57 Uhr 
Yeah this just started happening to me too, lol.
MEU_BakGi 홀리 22. Jan. um 0:58 Uhr 
Me too, lol.
[CABE]PureFire777 22. Jan. um 0:59 Uhr 
Me too after some update earlier....
Anita 22. Jan. um 1:04 Uhr 
Same here
у меня такая же ♥♥♥♥♥♥ня
CodeWander 22. Jan. um 1:08 Uhr 
Some jerks are sitting in valve or steam. I removed my Left 4 Dead 2, because it was called "Team Fortress 2" and was downloading much of a content.
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SohoWind 22. Jan. um 1:09 Uhr 
Me too....
B rhesus negativ 22. Jan. um 1:12 Uhr 
Naoki 22. Jan. um 1:14 Uhr 
Same here
Yohiko 22. Jan. um 1:14 Uhr 
Deadpool 22. Jan. um 1:15 Uhr 
How2 22. Jan. um 1:15 Uhr 
WP valve made me delete dling tf2 when it was l4d2
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abedsbrother 22. Jan. um 1:18 Uhr 
Yeah, me too.
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