123habermas Jun 30 @ 11:40am
L4D2 uninstalled itself?!!? HELP!
I have a macbook air, and I had just beaten Dead Center. I do other stuff and come back and L4D2 has uninstalled itself. Now if it had just uninstalled it self I would have been mad but just redownloaded it. BUT, it tkept the space L4D2 was using. I have NO SPACE on my computer because of a game steams says i need to install to play. PLEASE any HELP? Thanks A LOT!
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VECTOR Jun 30 @ 12:53pm 
Same here.
123habermas Jun 30 @ 12:57pm 
I'm glad im not the only one with the issue. Any Ideas?
VECTOR Jun 30 @ 1:03pm 
No idea but I cant reinstall it either.
123habermas Jun 30 @ 1:03pm 
Wait like you can't as in it won't let you, or you have no space like me?
123habermas Jun 30 @ 1:46pm 
I found a sort of solution:
Download daisy disk. Use the free version. And scan your computer. Go to library, and keep going to the big file. You willl end up at Left 4 Dead 2. Some how it is still on the computer even tough its not supposed to be on it. Delete it. Presto.
Chocoborides Jun 30 @ 2:29pm 
I had the same problem but I went ahead with it and it said it found existing data and it started working again.
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