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Model collision - Need help

I'd post this question in the mod's discussion/comments but it's pretty inactive, and the mod creator hasn't been online in over 2 months.

I like this mod a lot and it works fine, but I want to use it in the Realism gamemode. However, when using it in Realism, it makes the survivors' models collide with one another, so the survivors can block doorways, stop each other from moving, etc., and also makes the survivors constantly yell lines like "Back!", "Move back!", "Run!", "Keep moving!", etc. when they bump into each other. Since I plan on doing this in single-player for now, and with 8 survivors instead of 4, I think it's obvious how this collision feature could become a huge annoyance.

Does anyone know what the console command for player collision is? And, if possible, could someone please tell me what the scripts in this .vpk do, exactly? I can probably find what command is screwing with the model collision that way. And finally, if possible, could someone try running this in Realism to see if they have the same issue?
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Jun 18, 2014 @ 5:52am 
Okay... realism only this happens? That is kind of strange. You can try unpacking the vpk to check out the text files that accompanies it. I don't know much about non-campaign mods, but there may be a place that specifies which modes it is available in.
Sheldrone Koopa Jun 18, 2014 @ 11:28am 
Yeah, only in Realism.

Do you know of any console CVAR that enables player collision?
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