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Gaboku 2014년 6월 16일 오후 7시 24분
i just upgrade to windows 8.1 (before a have 8) and now my l4d2 send me out to desktop!!!!, i can select a campaign or even find a online game but when a stared it i just booted out from game.

recien actualice a windows 8.1 (antes tenia 8) y ahora mi l4d2 me saca al escritorio!!!! puedo seleccionar una campaña o incluso encontrar juegos online pero cuando empiezo uno me saca del juego!!!

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[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014년 6월 16일 오후 7시 29분 
Well, it isn't from windows 8.1 since it is what I and abunch of others use.. so hopefully someone can find a reason.
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