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Tofwap 2014年6月15日下午10:50
Stuck in Church closet on Death Toll
So I managed to get stuck inside the closet on deathtoll. I walked inside of it and then the filing cabinets loaded in. Should probably modify that as I was stuck. Here is a picture for reference http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc66/tofwap/Untitled.png
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Blaquicat 2014年6月16日上午4:42 
Shove the file out of the way.
Tofwap 2014年6月16日上午5:14 
引用自 Blaquicat
Shove the file out of the way.
LIke hit it? I wish that had worked. Nothing changed it. It was unmovable.
Blaquicat 2014年6月16日上午5:47 
Can you move some items coming very close and shove.
Even those forklifts, do not know the correct name, has in the beginning of the Atrium even that is movable with shove.
B Lub() 2014年6月16日上午7:02 
Nice spider tattoo
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