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Death by Bunga Bunga 2014年6月15日 8時44分
Problem with mutations on mutation menu
I've lost most of the mutations from the mutations menu. I usually played Last Man On Earth, but it's gone now along with the rest of them. Is there something I can do from the console to recover the missing mutations? I've even uninstalled and reinstalled L4D2 and nothing has worked yet.

All help is greatly appreciated.
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Razorbacks make me hard (禁止済) 2014年6月15日 9時45分 
did you click choose mutation
Death by Bunga Bunga 2014年6月15日 20時12分 
Yes. Most of the mutations are gone. Last Man on Earth was always the first. Now they are all gone.
|B4ST4RDS| Goddess 2014年6月15日 20時19分 
Do you have any of the mutation mods installed?
Death by Bunga Bunga 2014年6月15日 21時09分 
The ones I'm talking about were part of an update they released last year. These were installed automatically.
Cheiz 2014年6月16日 2時48分 
Remove all addons.
(ΘČĐ)™Conrad925 2014年6月16日 3時20分 
Verify integrity of game files, yada-yada...
bonook 2014年6月16日 3時25分 
Death by Bunga Bunga 2014年6月16日 19時50分 
All addons have been removed. I'm trying to put back the ones Valve included. I've also verified the game files, uninstalled, removed all traces of L4D2 and reinstalled with no luck.
Buttonz The Scout 2014年11月22日 1時04分 
They are gone for me too
Death by Bunga Bunga 2014年11月22日 13時14分 
My problem was due to a mod I disabled the mods and turned each one back on until I figured out what was causing the problem. I then deleted it.
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