Cuddle Bunny Jun 13 @ 9:05pm
Common infected skins?
So what mods did you choose to replace the vanilla infected skins?
The main zombie packs, the main horde.

I went through the top-rated list on and don't like much of it.
I need some recomendations, pretty please.
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So Many Watermelons Jun 13 @ 9:26pm 
A lot of what's on the workshops is on l4dskins, or whatever the website is called now.
Tank: Shredded Tank
Jockey: Decaying Jockey
Witch: Autumn Gloominess
Hunter: Hoodless Hunter 4k maps
Spitter: Black Friday
Charger: Fisherman Charger for the Life's a Beach custom campaign
nothing for Commons
Boomer: Boomer Bro
Smoker: Realism Smoker
That's what I got at least. I'm sure if you type these names in on either the website or on the Workshop, you'll find them. See if any of them fit you.

EDIT: Oh, I reread your post. ♥♥♥♥, I don't know any decent Common Infected packs. Maybe the HF2 Headcrab Zombie pack. It's all up to preference, shiet. Don't put pressure on us like this, mane...
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Cuddle Bunny Jun 14 @ 2:45pm 
Yep, common infected. I changed the title to be more clear..

thanks for the suggestions.

Need some more, people!
GreenHeart Lvl 4.0 Jun 14 @ 4:00pm 
Hunter: Assassin Creed sweatshirt / Fx jumping fire
Charger: Failed FEV subject
Boomer: McDonal´s shirt
o9enolc Jun 16 @ 3:31am 
This is interesting. Do you want my opinion on the matter?
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