Murcié Jun 12 @ 8:36am
Spike lag
Recently my l4d2 keep experiencing spike lag whenever horde comes. this has NEVER happen before. Anyone have any idea why? or how to solve it? No torrents or other stuff running, only my l4d2. Thanks
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TheMasterBlaster™ Jun 12 @ 8:51am 
Hordes are CPU intensive. Did you try turning off multi-core rendering?
Murcié Jun 12 @ 9:05am 
Hmm.. ok ill try tat, but there wasnt any issue with it, only until recently
[linux] sophia hapgood Jun 12 @ 9:41am 
Local hosted game or single player?
FerdiBerdiii Jun 12 @ 12:03pm 
You 100% positive there isn't anything running in the background? Some programs tend to silently start and not show any signs like ituneshelper.exe or whatever it was called.
Murcié Jun 13 @ 12:10am 
@sophia Local hosted, im the only one with spikelag, nth to do with host
@ ferdiberdiii yeap 100% positive, i task-killed unnecessary running apps with task manager
PS: like i said, it only started happening recently, since last week :(
Ray 451[de] Jun 13 @ 11:10am 
It seems to me they are ever changing something here and there, so could be that it is due to changes. But perhaps could also be a heat problem now at summer?

Have you tried "cl_forcepreload 1" in your /left 4 dead2/left4dead2/cfg/config.cfg?
TheMasterBlaster™ Jun 13 @ 11:40am 
Originally posted by RayB 451:
It seems to me they are ever changing something here and there, so could be that it is due to changes.
IMO, this is likely the cause. My advise on most problems that seem to start for no reason, restart Steam and if that doesn't work, wait. Most of these problems resolve themselves.
[linux] sophia hapgood Jun 13 @ 11:41am 
With ping lag and local hosts it's *usually* a problem on the host's end, commonly an issue with their graphics card or their internet speed, or possibly something else on their computer. If you're the only non-host player who has lag, though, and you don't have lag with similar hordes on official or other dedicated servers, it's likely an issue with your own internet.
Shelley Jun 13 @ 12:17pm 
Only recently myself i've been getting ingame stuttering. I've tried everything from changing from my gtx 770 back to my gtx470. searched the internet for all solutions and still the same thing with this ingame frame dropping/stuttering, whatever it's called.

l4d2 is the only game I'm seeing this stuttering. watchdogs, titanfall all run smoothly and it's not my internet connection but thought i'd post since i seem to have the same issue myself as the OP.
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